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The Worlds Best Selling All in One Ice Baths

Inflatable Ice Baths

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Experience Unparalleled Strength and Mobility with our Inflatable Ice Baths Collection.

Discover the future of cold water therapy with our Inflatable Ice Bath collection.

Our Inflatable Ice Baths are the ultimate solution for athletes, clubs, teams for personal use at home.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology by iCoolSport, these inflatable ice baths redefine convenience and strength for recovery, no matter where your journey takes you.

Revolutionary Strength and Durability

The IcePro Ice Baths boast a groundbreaking design that combines rock-hard rigidity with an ultra-lightweight and inflatable structure. Our pools can support up to 90kg on the edge without bending or spilling, ensuring the most robust cold water therapy experience available. The secret lies in our drop-stitch design, making these baths thicker, stronger, and sturdier than any other inflatable bath on the market. Yet, they can be effortlessly rolled up and stored in a compact bag for travel.

Long-Lasting Performance

Designed and engineered in Australia by iCoolSport, the Inflatable Ice bath Range is built to withstand season after season of rigorous use. Thickened insulated thermal walls keep the water temperature colder for longer, offering consistent and efficient cooling. Our range has been meticulously crafted with the highest quality components to ensure durability and longevity, no matter how frequently you use it.


Cooling Power Redefined

Forget the hassle of hauling bags of ice. Inflatable Ice Baths can connect to our Compact Range of Ice Bath Cooling Units, eliminating the need for manual chilling. Simply set the desired temperature, and let the unit do the rest. Whether you require chilling, heating, or dual-temperature options, our portable chillers come complete with water pumps and IcePro pool connection hoses, ready for instant use.

Accessories for Ultimate Convenience

Each inflatable ice bath includes a cut-to-size carry bag, a hand pump for quick inflation, a chamois cloth for easy maintenance, and a repair kit for peace of mind. Everything you need for a seamless ice bath experience.

The IceMan Ice Bath Package

For the ultimate ice bath experience, explore our IceMan Ice Bath Package. Pair the IceMan Pro portable bath with the IceMan portable chiller, the only chiller capable of reaching near-freezing temperatures as low as 2ºC. This comprehensive package ensures you get the most out of your cold water therapy.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Unprecedented strength and durability in portable ice baths.
  • Super lightweight and portable, suitable for travel by bus, plane, train, or car.
  • Optimal strength with rock-hard rigidity, yet easily rolled up for transport.
  • High energy efficiency thanks to 85mm insulated wall thickness, keeping water colder for longer.
  • Use with ice or connect to any portable cooling or heating unit for automatic operation.
  • Constructed from ultra-durable drop-stitch materials, engineered to last season after season.
  • Includes: hand pump, carry bag, repair kit, chamois cloth, and water outlet ports.

Experience the future of cold water therapy with the IcePro Inflatable Ice Baths Collection. Elevate your recovery game, stay at the peak of your performance, and take control of your well-being, wherever your journey may lead.

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