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The Worlds Best Selling All in One Ice Baths

Water Chillers for Ice Bath

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Amplify your recovery routine with our Australian made water Chillers for Ice Baths.


When it comes to creating the ultimate ice bath experience, the right water chiller for your ice bath can make all the difference. Explore our collection of water chillers designed to elevate your recovery and relaxation.


Compact Cool - Portable Chiller

  • Specifications: Designed to cool baths up to 500 litres, the Compact Cool portable chiller boasts 5000 Watts of cooling power. With automatic operation and a sleek design, it's a favourite among athletes and spa enthusiasts alike.

Elite Pro Bath Chiller

  • Specifications: For larger baths up to 500 litres, the Elite Pro Bath Chiller is the pinnacle of relaxation. It offers precise temperature control, powerful 5000 Watts cooling and heating power, and a sleek, intuitive touch screen interface.

IceMan Pro Inflatable Bath Chiller

  • Specifications: If you prefer a more flexible setup, the IceMan Pro Inflatable Bath Chiller is the perfect choice. With the capability to fit up to 2 persons, it's designed for larger baths and offers outstanding insulation to keep your water at the perfect temperature.

Turbo Mini Chill

  • Specifications: The Turbo Mini Chill is perfect for single-person ice baths. With 5000 Watts of cooling power and a compact design, it's an excellent choice for those looking to optimise their recovery routine.

MiPod Pro Cedar Remote

  • Specifications: For a touch of luxury, consider the MiPod Pro Cedar Remote. This high-end chiller offers a range of options and is designed to enhance your relaxation experience. Enjoy the benefits of cold conditioning in style.

Whether you're an athlete seeking the best recovery or simply looking to unwind in the most refreshing way possible, our collection of water chillers has something for everyone. Upgrade your ice bath experience today.

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