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Innerlight Saunas for Sale

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Innerlight 2 person Full Spectrum Infrared sauna
Innerlight 2 Person Infrared Sauna Blue Light
2 person Infrared Sauna Chromotherapy Corner view
2 person Infrared Sauna dimensions
$1,495.00 OFF
3 person Infrared Sauna
3 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
Infrared sauna for sale
$1,400.00 OFF
4 person infrared sauna Blue
4 person full spectrum sauna side view
4 person full spectrum sauna red light
full spectrum sauna green
4 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna dimensions
4 person full spectrum sauna pink
$1,400.00 OFF
2 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna Side View Pink
2 person outdoor sauna green side angle
Innerlight 2 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna Front View
2 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna Side view right Blue
2 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna front view pink
$1,910.00 OFF
Innerlight 2 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna
Innerlight outdoor 4 person sauna side view green
Innerlight 4 person sauna front view pink
4 person outdoor sauna yellow
Outdoor sauna 4 person blue
Innerlight outdoor 4 person sauna side view pink
4 person outdoor sauna green light side view
$2,310.00 OFF
Innerlight 4 person Outdoor Infrared Sauna
2 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Yellow Side View
Innerlight 2 Person Infrared Full Spectrum 360
2 Person Full Spectrum 360 degree Corner View
Innerlight 2 person Infrared Sauna 360 Degree
Innerlight 360 Infrared Sauna
$540.00 OFF
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Blue
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Yellow Front Heaters
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna White
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Purple
3 person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Front Heaters Green
3 Person 360 Far Infrared Sauna Purple
$700.00 OFF

Enhance Your Well-being with our range of Saunas for Sale and elevate Your Health at Home

Our collection of exceptional saunas for sale are designed to take your health and well-being to new heights. With high importance of prioritising self-care and creating a sanctuary within your own home, with our range of premium Infrared saunas, you can experience the transformative benefits of sauna therapy right in the comfort of your own space.


Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth and embrace a multitude of health benefits that saunas offer. Whether you choose our one-person, two-person, three-person, or four-person sauna, each option provides a unique and invigorating experience tailored to your needs. Let's explore the remarkable benefits that our saunas can bring to your life.

Saunas for sale
  • Our full spectrum saunas utilise a combination of near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared wavelengths, providing a comprehensive and holistic sauna experience. Near-infrared light penetrates deep into the skin, promoting cellular regeneration and enhancing skin health. Mid-infrared heat helps improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles, while far-infrared rays penetrate even deeper, promoting detoxification and boosting the immune system. Experience the power of full spectrum therapy and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

  • Far Infrared Saunas: If you prefer a sauna experience focused primarily on the benefits of far-infrared heat, our far-infrared saunas are the perfect choice. The gentle yet effective far-infrared rays penetrate deep into your body, promoting detoxification, improving cardiovascular health, and easing muscle tension. Sweating in a far-infrared sauna can aid in weight loss, as it helps to burn calories and rid your body of toxins. Enjoy the pure bliss of relaxation and rejuvenation in the soothing embrace of far-infrared heat.

  • Personalised Wellness: Our range of saunas includes options for one, two, three, or four individuals, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and space. Whether you desire a private oasis for personal reflection or wish to share the rejuvenating experience with loved ones, our saunas cater to your needs. Say goodbye to crowded public spas and embrace the convenience of having your very own sauna retreat at home.

  • Unwind and Detoxify: Step into your sauna sanctuary and let the stress of the day melt away. As your body temperature rises, your muscles relax, and tension dissipates. Sweating profusely in a sauna helps flush out toxins, cleansing your body from the inside out. This detoxification process can lead to clearer skin, improved digestion, and increased energy levels. Experience the blissful release of toxins and emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

  • Boosted Immunity: Regular sauna sessions can strengthen your immune system, making it more resilient against common ailments. The increased body temperature stimulates the production of white blood cells, enhancing your body's natural defence mechanisms. Say goodbye to frequent colds and flus and embrace a stronger, healthier you.

With Our range of saunas for sale,
you can bring the tranquility of a spa into your own home. Create a dedicated space for relaxation and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a sauna whenever you desire. No more appointments or traveling, simply unwind in the comfort of your own personal sanctuary.

Investing in a sauna is an investment in your overall well-being. Experience the incredible benefits of sauna therapy without ever leaving your home. Our high-quality saunas are crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure your utmost satisfaction and long-lasting enjoyment.

Browse through our collection of saunas for sale and choose the perfect one for your home. Elevate your health, relax your mind, and indulge in the luxurious embrace of sauna therapy. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you – your well-being deserves it.

Investing in one of our Innerlight saunas for sale is an investment in your well-being.

The long-term benefits, combined with the convenience of home spa access, outweigh the initial cost.

Disclaimer: Sauna usage is not suitable for everyone. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions or concerns.

Customer Reviews

We are so happy we chose the Innerlight full spectrum infared sauna! 2 days after purchasing we received the sauna and it was installed within an hour. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing then others we looked at, it’s really high quality and spacious. Mark and the team were in constant communication from the moment we made the purchase and also followed up with us several times to see how we were enjoying it, giving us personal tips to get the most out of the Sauna. The natural dopamine hit and energy after getting out is second to none and it’s also really relaxing before bed. How good we feel from this sauna is a life changer.

Mia Elliot / Googong, NSW

Great Sauna - It's the BEST investment ever! We went with the Full Spectrum 2 person sauna and it is worth every penny. We use it 4 times a week.

Kat Shaw / Cleveland, QLD

Mark and his team were brilliant to deal with. Professional, responsive and delivered/installed within 48 hours!

Duncan Tonkin / Sydney

Thank you so much for the delivery just wanted to say I had the best customer service experience with yourself and the installer. Super polite and professional thank you for a easy seamless transaction.

Claudia Aguilar / Kingsrove, NSW

We are extremely happy with our new full spectrum infrared Sauna and also very grateful to the team at Innerlight Sauna for their helpful and professional service along the way. The Sauna has been faultless and is being enjoyed more than we could have expected. The follow up, care and back up has been outstanding from the outset.

Glen and Deb Watson / Noosa, QLD

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