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outdoor infrared sauna

Lets have a close look at Innerlight Outdoor Infrared Saunas


After many months of planing and designing, Innerlight Sauna has unveiled our Outdoor Infrared Saunas.

We've researched the market to find the best Outdoor Infrared sauna, but couldn't find one which ticked all the boxes to our liking. So we set to work designing the best bits of all the products we could find to come up with and we designed our own. The Innerlight Outdoor 4 person sauna and the 2 person Outdoor Infrared saunas. In our opinion and many customers too, we have come up with the most stunning looking, highest quality and most powerful outdoor sauna on the market. Not just in looks, but in its design, performance, quality and affordability. It's quite literally the bees knees of outdoor saunas! 

Lets start with the elephant in the room. Is this a true outdoor sauna? Well yes it is.

Our Outdoor Infrared Saunas have been designed with all the elements to make them live outdoors. However, in saying that, it is a brand new product and hasn't been tested for years of heavy rain and strong sun. So to play it safe we've decided it is best to keep it covered when not in use. We've designed a cover for it.

We understand that the beauty of this outdoor sauna is to see it standing proud as the centrepiece of your garden, deck or back patio. So we're making sure that the covers are easily removed when you want to show it off when guests are visiting or anytime you want to use your outdoor sauna, in any weather conditions. Yes that includes rain. Just make sure when you're done to put the covers back on. This will ensure many years of life are to be enjoyed.  

So whats makes this (in our honest opinion) the best outdoor sauna?

So lets take a closer look...

The Roof

The roof is lined with asphalt shingles. Asphalt Shingles are waterproof, noise resistant, and heat resistant. The roof is definitely waterproof. 


The Walls

The walls exterior is made with 1cm thick lining of Carbonised pine. 

Carbonised Pine, also known as thermally modified wood, is created through an innovative, chemical-free process that involves heating the wood to high temperatures. This treatment not only enhances its dimensional stability and resistance to rot and decay but also unveils a stunning, deep hue and accentuated wood grain, resulting in a sophisticated and naturally beautiful finish.

The exterior in then given 3 coats of premium all weather paint to protect the surface even further, giving the outdoor sauna its unique, sleek and stunning finish. 
As with all timber outdoor furniture it is recommended to re-coat the surface every year or two to keep it looking new and protected from the UV light of the sun.  

The wall frame is made of an industry leading thickness of 4.5cm. The frame is then insulated to keep the cold out and the heat inside.  The interior walls are lined with Canadian Hemlock.  Canadian Hemlock is one of the best timber choices to line the walls of any sauna due to its resistance to heat and potential warping. 

The Side Glass windows

What would the outdoor sauna be without a view of the outdoors? So on top of the frameless front door, we've added a side viewing window on each side wall of the sauna. The value of these windows cannot be understated. The glass windows are positioned above the wall heaters allowing for full maximum heat from both of the side walls.

As you sit back and enjoy your sauna session you can embrace the outdoor view which surrounds you. Watching the rain or snowfall in the middle of winter from your 70 degree private sanctuary couldn't be any more inviting. 

Tinted Glass front door  

The front wall and door has been tinted to add another touch of elegance. And lets face it. It looks hot! 

The tinted glass also adds a little more privacy while still providing you with a  complete and clear view of the outside world in your natural surroundings.   

How Hot can a Infrared Sauna reach?

Well to honest we though that 65 degrees celsius was the maximum. But we've since learned that we can raise the bar and raise the temperature to a whopping 75 degrees. I tested it. I tried it. It's hot! Making this the hottest infrared sauna out there. 75 degrees is taking it to a new level of intense heat.
I usually get in my sauna at 40 -45 degrees and let it creep on up to 55 or 60 and that does me. So to experience the intenseness of 75 was a punch in the face difference. If you want shorter more intense sauna sessions, then 70 plus degrees will make your day.    

The Sauna Control Panel

Set the temp

From the control panel you can set the temp. Set the timer from 99 minutes down to 0. The heaters cut off when it reaches 0. But the lights still stay on. This is great if you want to show off the beauty of the sauna lights to show it off to friends or family.

The Sauna Lights

Cant decide which colour to to set. Theres 7 colours and on the 8th setting, the colours with rotate through all of them. Its quite a light show. Oh and they will always be impressed. Guaranteed!

Outdoor infrared sauna lights

The Bluetooth Speaker System

Connect your music player to the speaker system and relax. The bluetooth speakers in the sauna are my favourite feature of the sauna. Yes you can listen what you like (and you will), but my recommendation is relaxing mediation music.  That's what creates your own sanctuary and really sets the ambiance. Yes the lights are amazing, but the biggest benefit you find in your sauna session, is when you close your eyes and chill the **** out. The music makes that. Our lives are so busy with non stop screens and information and connectivity to so many unimportant things. Set the music and leave your phone outside. Thank me later.

Outdoor infrared sauna bluetooth speakers



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